History Lesson

Time for a little history sess, kids.

When the Awakening hit Calgary in 2011, shit hit the fan. I’m talking mana storms, microclimates and more meta humans than jews at a bar mitzvah. Turns out Cowtown sat on a mana line, and mana lines equal meta variants of all kinds.

Calgary quickly became a Free economic zone. For all of you who don’t known what that is, it’s a place where trade happens in massive amounts, taxes are exempted, yada yada yada… the Corps have a solid foothold, but no one corp is allowed to be top dog. Tiny towns like Airdrie and Okotoks where quickly brought into the fold and became part of the Awakened Calgary. However, Drum Heller is almost literally a hellhole, and IS literally a criminal haven (Seriously, don’t go there, alright?! Just, don’t.)

Now, when I said Calgary Awakened was a shit show, I wasn’t joking. Calgary’s got a lot of bloody history. It started with 2-3 years of open corp warfare for supremacy. As a result, they leveled the downtown. After three years of this shit, the citizens of Calgary grow some balls, took a stand, and form the treaty of free commerce. The treaty declared that each corp may have a presence in Calgary, but it shall be ruled by an independent (ha ha) municipal council. Each corp must also provide a certain number of armed forces for the Canadian Defence Force (CDF). The treaty also stated that corporations must pay large fees to operate in the Calgary Economic Zone. Basically a “fuck you” to the corps. But they signed it anyway (dumbasses). Due to the downtown going bye-bye, each of the mega corps built towers/arcologies in a circle around the New Calgary Tower, which serves as a municipal headquarters. Looking out for Calgary’s best interests (supposedly) is the Calgary Municipal Council (CMC). That part of downtown is now known as the Ring. Remember that kids, it’s going to be on the final exam.

With the Awakening came a whole bunch of fun. Surrounding parks like Fish creek and Nose Hill quickly became supernatural forests. Fish creek grew into a scrub forest, while nose hill turned schizophrenic. Half tropical, half tundra. You can actually see where one ends, and the other begins, and don’t get me started on the weather… It’s weird. If that wasn’t enough, the forests are chalked full of paracritters and hippie shamans (I’m looking at you, Spirit!).

Cowtown has got a serious hate for the Native Americans.The NAN attempted to take calgary in 2018, but the corps rebuffed them through the treaty. And guns. Lots of guns.

The Calgary Police Department is loyal to the Municipal Council. Good news is they’re inefficient. Bad news is that when they hit, they hit hard.

Calgary’s actually fairly populated, despite all the blood and violent history. Stats approximates that 5 million people live in Calgary, not including sentient paracritters. A large part of the population are SINless, but that’s not super suprising, given the unique independence Calgary has. Roughly 20% of the population is non-corp and sinless. The good news is that the sinless are not second class citizens by any means, but rather marginalized by the corps. Perfects for runners and “deniable assets”.

Speaking of runners, runners are incredibly valuable in Calgary. With all the corps viaing for power and influence, there’s no shortage of work for runners. Bad news is that there are lots of runners in Calgary, but I’m sure you got what it takes to survive. Right?

History Lesson

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